The action taken by a secured party to end or give up its interest in collateral. For personal property collateral, a termination may be entered into the public record by using a standard form called a UCC-3. American Banker Glossary

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termination ter‧mi‧na‧tion [ˌtɜːmˈneɪʆn ǁ ˌtɜːr-] noun [countable, uncountable]
1. the act of ending something, or the end of something:

• No reason was given for the termination of the discussions.

• Some investors will continue with payments until the plan's termination in 15 years' time.

2. HUMAN RESOURCES when someone is removed from their job by their employer:

• Some partners were selected for termination.

• The planned job terminations will affect various locations.

ˌwrongful termiˈnation
HUMAN RESOURCES LAW when someone is removed from their job in a way that is unfair and illegal, for example when the correct process has not been followed:

• The employees sued, claiming wrongful termination.

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termination UK US /ˌtɜːmɪˈneɪʃən/ noun [C or U]
the act of ending something, or the end of something: »

Executive directors are entitled to 12 months' notice of termination of their contracts.


All benefits and cover cease upon reaching the termination date of the loan.


An important element at the termination of a project is reporting back on what went well and what went badly.


Consumers have to pay an early termination fee to break their contracts.

HR the act of removing someone from their job: »

Such misconduct, he warned, could lead to suspension or termination.


She believed her termination was racially motivated.

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